Inspiring and energising you and your team to have more great days at work

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We know the difference it makes - for individuals, teams and organisations - when people are energised and inspired.

The Ian Sanders Company is on a mission to give us all more great days at work - and help us be happier, more creative and more productive. Through our workshops, presentations, storytelling and one-to-one sessions we bring a fresh and passionate approach to spark change and inspire organisations, teams and individuals.

Let us help you and your team have more great days at work and do your best work. Read on for how we can help.


Presentations & workshops

For employee forums, awaydays and company conferences, our two signature sessions are Fuelling Your Best Work and The Power of Story. These are great for business leaders taking on new challenges and roles and who wish to harness their teams’ spirit to drive the organisation in a fresh direction. You and your team will go away energised about your roles and where you’re headed connected with your story and delighted to have reestablished your collective mojo.

“Working with Ian was invaluable.” Paul Edison, Black Sun plc

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We are your outsider-eyes, lifting the lid on your organisation to unearth the stories at the heart of your business. To capture what is unique about your business and what makes you tick. Stories are the touchstone which guide your organisation on its journey, helping employee engagement, strengthening organisational culture and providing marketing material to get you noticed.

“Ian's an amazing storyteller.” Sally Croft, Tektronix

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Fuel Safari Coaching

You could go on a Fuel Safari in order to step into the next chapter of your life, using it to frame your story so far as you move forward in your career or life. Or you could benefit from Ian as a sounding board for a particularly nutty business problem or to help you create some thought leadership. A Fuel Safari is a unique, guided one-to-one walk with Ian for business leaders, founders, senior executives and solo-entrepreneurs. These non-traditional coaching sessions are ideal for those looking for a fresh perspective in a distinctive way. Ian provides outsider-ears to listen and join the dots, holding up a mirror to reflect back your thoughts and feelings, and acts as a guide on your path towards your north star. It’s the fuel for your what’s next - in a concentrated one-to-one setting.

“I was taken by Ian’s integrity, honesty and opinion. And his ability to frame and create a story is brilliant.” Deborah Mudway

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