We’ve loved working with Ian. He has an infectious fascination with people and the intersection of their lives at work and play. This shines in his writing, coaching and speaking.
— Michael Burne, Founder, Carbon Law Partners

What people say


It's been a real privilege to meet Ian Sanders. A storyteller that believes in the power of story for organisations and its ability to humanise teams to brilliant effect. We've worked together for a year now, and have delivered true moments of human storytelling, but nothing quite as powerful as our Thomas Cook Money away day. Humbled, privileged, floored, bonding, empathy... just some of the words our team have used to describe the way they felt after our storytelling day. Isn't that a workplace that you've always dreamed of too...? 

— Claire Van der Zant, Head of Strategic Delivery, Thomas Cook Money

The BBC is renowned for its outstanding reporting and compelling storytelling across its factual output. But in order to maintain its world-class reputation, it needs people like Ian to inspire reporters and producers. After attending one of Ian’s sessions, our colleagues go back to their department feeling refreshed, energised and full of new ideas. I highly recommend him.

— James Harrod, BBC Academy

I would never have had the confidence to tell my personal story without Ian's help. Ian has gone on to help us at Tektronix bring out our story in an audience-centric way. He's an amazing storyteller.

— Sally Croft, Global Marketing Director, Tektronix

For training to stimulate and provoke creative learnings for your senior management team, we would strongly recommend Ian Sanders. Ian designed a programme that allowed us to stand back and look at our organisation from a new perspective. His sessions provided us with vital time and space to engage in candid conversations and gain inspiration from a range of individuals and organisations. We came away with a clear focus to take our organisation forward and excited about our journey ahead

— Judi Oates, company secretary, The Development Bank of Wales


Only a reckless fool would rebel against his government on the second day of a general election. I should know, I did. And Ian Sanders, author of “Juggle!” helped me achieve this notoriety. An opening paragraph in his book hit me like a slap around the face. So thanks Ian.  You helped me rediscover the inner rebel and life is good.

— Tom Watson, Member of Parliament

Working with Ian has given us the confidence to continue to be different. It provided the validation from a smart, external perspective that we should stick to our guns and focus on what gets us excited rather than dilute our story. We now feel more confident in taking our story out to the world.

— Tom Hoy, Stripe Partners

Probably one of the most purposeful sessions I have attended in over 40 years of working.

— workshop attendee, the development bank of wales

Ian helped me brush aside the internal resistance I've had to stepping up in my career. By having such a structured conversation guided by someone I respect, I could explore the topics I was dwelling on more deeply. Ian mirrored and reflected back on what it was I was sharing with him. He created a truly judgment free environment, plus Ian is someone whose opinions I always want to hear. His honesty was so helpful in gently forcing me to sweep out the remaining dust bunnies of resistance.

— J. Kelly Hoey, Author of Build Your Dream Network