Fuelling Your Best Work

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When we take a road trip somewhere, we need to put fuel in our tanks. We know we won’t reach our destination running on empty. So why don’t we pay attention to our own fuel tanks in our business and work lives, and fill them up in the same way?

I know first hand what happens when we don’t consider the fuel we need at work. That’s why I’ve developed ‘Fuelling Your Best Work’ to help people find the fuel they need. It’s a lively and interactive session that incorporates everything I’ve learned over my 28-year career. It includes my experiences as a consultant and trainer for such organisations as the BBC, plus the time I spent as an author and writer on work and business for the Financial Times.

My FYBW session is about sparking teams and organisations with a sense of excitement around different ways of doing things - opening their eyes to fresh approaches to work, to boost creativity and have more good days at work. To think big and wild. To be energised, productive and happy at work.

In FYBW participants think about the habits, mindsets and behaviours that fuel their best work. I shine a light on: the importance of space and place; choosing the right tools; when to do the work that matters and how to inject a sense of curiosity in how we work. I talk about the importance of following ‘you’, of embracing the inner rebel and about getting comfortable with the career ‘squiggle’ (i.e. our work lives don’t always follow a linear trajectory, and that’s something to be celebrated, not shied away from).

Participants take away their own personal action plan to make their year go with a bang, feeling reinvigorated and empowered about their roles and work lives.

In 2018 I took Fuelling Your Best Work to organisations including Microsoft and Diageo. In 2019 I’m rolling it out to organisations who want to shake things up and inspire their teams to excel - by looking at the world of work afresh. Want to know more? Get in touch: hello@iansanders.com. Take a look at the video trailer here.

 Really loved the talk, really helpful and feeling pumped to have a year of bossing it. Thank you!” Paul T.

 “Thank you for igniting a bright light to guide me on my way.” Emma G.