Fuelling Your Best Work

Ten Sparks - the booklet that accompanies ‘Fuelling Your Best Work’

Ten Sparks - the booklet that accompanies ‘Fuelling Your Best Work’

“Ian was inspirational.” Cathy B.

“Thank you for a fantastic day. I’m feeling very motivated.” Kat M.

We’re living and working in interesting times. We have more digital tools than ever at our disposal. Agile working practices and autonomy are on the increase. Offices have been redesigned to make them more human. Creativity, empathy and curiosity are touted as future-proof skills. 

Yet many organisational cultures still keep employees shackled to their desks or stuck in back-to-back meetings. The apps that are there to help us also distract us. Emails come at us at weekends. We’re losing ourselves in the midst of a constantly evolving work environment.

So how can we make the most of the opportunities and stay engaged? How can we do deep, creative work without being overwhelmed and sidetracked? We need to pay attention to how we do our best work. We need to pay attention to our fuel tanks. 

Fuelling Your Best Work is to help people do just that - your best work. It’s impossible to go on a journey on an empty tank, no matter how fabulous the car is. Same with us - we might work in the best office in the world. Yet if our own fuel tank is empty, the ideas won’t flow and we won’t be productive.

This session opens participants’ eyes to fresh ideas and approaches. It shines a light on the habits and behaviours that give us an edge. It looks at ways to boost productivity and creativity. You’ll take away your own personal action plan / manifesto to feel reinvigorated and empowered about your roles and work lives. It just might make you happier!

Keynote = 30 minutes
Interactive talk/ Lunch n’ learn = 60 minutes
Workshop = 90 to 120 minutes

Really loved the talk, really helpful and feeling pumped to have a year of bossing it. Thank you!” Paul T.

Fuel = good for well-being

Having the right fuel nurtures emotional well-being and good mental health. In the busyness of our lives, we don’t always stop to think. Yet this stuff really matters.‘Fuelling Your Best Work’ is a lively and interactive session incorporating everything learned over a 28-year career. It includes lessons from Ian’s time as a consultant and trainer for such organisations as the BBC, and as a writer on work and business for the Financial Times.

FYBW covers: the importance of space and place; choosing the right tools; when to do the work that matters; how to inject a sense of curiosity in how we work; making space to think; the importance of following ‘you’; putting boundaries around work; how to be more human; finding our rocket fuel.

Over the last 12 months Microsoft, Diageo, Carbon Law Partners, General Assembly and The Next Web conference have all benefited from FYBW.

We love working with organisations who want to inspire their teams to excel, and who aren’t afraid of shaking things up along the way.

We’re all on a journey in our work lives and careers. We need fuel in our tanks.

 “Thank you for igniting a bright light to guide me on my way.”
Emma G.