Ian Sanders’ Fuel Safari is a non-traditional coaching programme involving a three-hour walk around London.

Ian’s programme is to help you navigate change in your career. It can help you find your future path or get you back in touch with what makes you tick. Ian brings a wealth of experience, a listening ear and a propensity to ask insightful and helpful questions - all focused on getting you back on track.

It might just change your life.

Ian says - “If you’re looking for a coach with framed qualifications on the wall, that’s not me. If you want help and guidance from someone who’s been there and done it, and got some scars along the way, I’m your man.”

There’s also a one-hour version of the coaching session available via Skype if you’re further afield.

Below is a short clip of Ian talking about his innovative coaching programme. Scroll down further to read what people say about Ian’s Fuel Safaris. If you’re curious to know what happens on a typical Fuel Safari, read this blog post from December 2018: ‘Heading Towards You.’

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“I found it really valuable stepping back and reflecting, in a very different context than I normally do. I also really, really liked the output — but what I found most valuable and enjoyable of all was the actual Fuel Safari itself.” Nicholas Creswell

“Ian helped me brush aside the internal resistance I've had to stepping up in my career. By having such a structured conversation guided by someone I respect, I could explore the topics I was dwelling on more deeply. Ian mirrored and reflected back on what it was I was sharing with him. He created a truly judgment free environment, plus Ian is someone whose opinions I always want to hear. His honesty was so helpful in gently forcing me to sweep out the remaining dust bunnies of resistance.” J. Kelly Hoey, Author of Build Your Dream Network

"It’s made me realise the benefit of having this sort of conversation as you move between roles, internally or externally. Taking the time to recognise what is unique about you, how you create value, what you want to be known for and how you can quickly seed this in your new environment is hugely valuable for your development." Helen Tupper

"This walk n'talk has helped me step up. Whilst walking around the streets of Soho, where I started my career 20 years ago, I started to appreciate my achievements. You helped me join things up — to see where the shadows fall, and find courage to shine a light in there and decide to own it all, with confidence! That shift is immensely valuable. There’s a really reassuring-not-arrogant sense that you’ve been there, done that, not really shockable, and that I can say anything at all and you’ll be good with that. That is treasure.” Lizzie Everard

“It was refreshing to see someone being themselves and making it work - that was really valuable for me to be able to shift from a work vs personal persona, to just being me. Seeing someone living and breathing that choice was inspirational. The whole concept of heading ‘north towards you’ was really powerful. Concepts came to the fore that I hadn’t considered and you helped me connect the dots. I was taken by your integrity, honesty and opinion.  And your ability to frame and create a story is brilliant.” Deborah Mudway

“Those of us working on ‘doing the thing’ can lose sight of why we’re doing the thing, and what is it that matters of the 22 things you’re doing. Everyone needs help to periscope up to the horizon to help see the horizon again, so you can find the fuel to keep going in the right direction. Is it possible to do that alone? Maybe. But I’d rather not risk it. I’d rather get the kind of help that helps hit the goal and do more meaningful work as a result. Ian Sanders certainly can do all of that by insightful questions, and deep listening.” Nilofer Merchant

"Because Ian has been through a lot of the changes I’m experiencing myself, it was great to be able to gain insight from someone who understands what I’m facing.  My previous career coaches have always been in a bit of a bubble and Ian was able to do what other coaches cannot, getting to the heart of things having weathered their own share of storms. Ian’s ability to simplify and present “the story” is superb and I’ve enjoyed getting his straightforward perspective on things. Plus the practical steps and ideas for implementation have been spot on.” Martin Roberts

"It really helped to talk through my thoughts with someone who’s been there and made it work for themselves. Ian provided me with some great common sense advice. He took time to understand my skill-set and helped me work out a marketing strategy and shape a worklife around my needs. He gave me the confidence to believe I'm on the right path. Plus he supplied a checklist to refer to when I’m fighting the confidence demons or have gone off my path!" Justine Wyness

"The walk with Ian really helped the ideas flow. There was huge value in getting out of the office and having a creative conversation with someone outside the organisation and to look at things from the real world. I would recommend highly.” Alastair Moore

“Ian’s walk n’talk gave me a chain of ‘A-ha!’ moments as we paced the streets of Soho. The experience made me realise the importance of pausing for breath and of taking a step back to see things from a distance. I now have the start of a really strong framework that I can use to assess future decisions and am much clearer on how to position myself as a consultant.” James Greig

“I’m still on a high after yesterday’s session. It’s really fired me up on where I can take things next. The takeaways ranged from small actions right through to bigger over-arching mindsets I need to adopt going forward.” Andrew Areoff

“I am glad I decided to start the new year with a Fuel Safari. Ian was great to work with, and made it easy to talk by always asking the right question at the right time, keeping my focus on what I am passionate about and the opportunities out there. I have come away from this feeling excited about the year ahead.” Sarah Prietzsch

“Ian combines his unique creative perspective and storytelling genius to help you better see the ‘True You’. His Fuel Safaris are a perfect beacons for anyone seeking clearer direction on their personal journey.” Michael Starke

“The Fuel Safari was everything I hoped it would be, and many things I hadn’t even considered might be possible. Without a shadow of a doubt, that was down to Ian, his approach and his ability to pick out details others overlook. Going on a Fuel Safari opened my eyes to possibilities that I had previously overlooked, as well as plenty of ideas and paths that had been hidden in the undergrowth that is modern life. Ian helped to strip away the complexity of things to expose some incredibly interesting thoughts. Not only did it demonstrate how I’d got to where I am, but it shone a light on the right places to go next.” Simon White

“If you’re lost and have no idea where your career and life are going, and would like to discover your true purpose and what feeds your soul - a Fuel Safari is for you. Now I’ve been on a Fuel Safari with Ian, I much better understand who I am as a person, what’s driving me, and where I want to go next.” Alina Truhina

“I had been stuck in a quandary. The whole process of working out where to go next and where my unique talents lie had become extremely frustrating. So I took the leap and reached out to Ian. I Immediately found Ian easy to get on with and a caring soul. Ian has a great knack for drawing out the positive information about my skills, talents and unique abilities that I might otherwise have not have realised were there. The personal action plan Ian created for me after the session has proved to be worth its weight in gold. i'm constantly referring back to it like a mad professor on a mission to craft the next chapter of my career! His advice has completely unstuck me from my quandary and allowed me to get busy with purpose again. This was also the first time I have taken any ‘coaching’ and If you're like me and a ‘Blokey type of bloke’ and wondering if this is for you, it is! It was very cathartic experience to just talk to someone and get everything off your chest in a non judgmental environment which is something us guys don't do enough. Taking the session with Ian was excellent and I highly recommend it.” Scott Paterson

“Ian's ‘walk 'n' talk’ around Soho and Fitzrovia revealed some hidden gems of the capital while unearthing aspects of my career and talents that could (and should!) be described as my own treasures. There's a good fit between the personal and physical exploration involved in this journey, and Ian navigated the way - in both domains - with skill and enthusiasm. His natural warmth encouraged me to open up while his insights and questions made me see things in a new light. I'm still not sure where I go next, but I really appreciate the help that Ian's given me in seeing all the avenues that are open to me.” Richard Harrison

“I came to Ian frustrated and ready to pack it all in because no-one seemed to get my business idea. Ian synthesised a clear message from the jumbled thoughts in my head that will instantly resonate with potential stakeholders. More importantly he did not fail to deliver on his lofty promise to reignite the passion in my own project.” Niels Bischoff

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